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I deserve new jewelry!


There are two shops to dive into.

Both of which are mine and legit, don't worry. It's actually quite simple.


One of the shops I have is the official Jesper Nielsen Shop, let's call it JN Shop, the other is my own shop with articles that I personally have in stock, called PLY Shop.

I consider this as my personal quality control. There is no way I would feel comfortable talking about and in the end selling these beauties to you guys if I did not have this close up. Everything I love and feel intrigued about I will get my hands on and make sure you will be able to get it from my shop, here on my blog.

In addition to which you will find tons and tons of beautiful items on the JN Shop. Consider my PLY Shop here as a assortment of appetizers, little beautiful pieces to make you hungry for more!

So, please, dive in and enjoy!

INSTA_PICS 00180.jpg

My PLY Shop

Discover all the items that I have fallen in love with!

INSTA_PICS 00155.jpg

My JN Shop*

Discover all the items I will (OMG, so likely!) fall in love with! 

* link will open in new window

My PLY Shop

The place to explore and  find your next favourite piece.
Don't forget:  Good things come in small packages.

PLY Shop
sky blue forever necklace
maple leaf necklace
silver twist hoops
emerald dreamy dot gold
bead necklace
grey pearl drop gold
PLY Shop Gallerie bereich
JN_C_Bracelets_27 (1).jpg


My JN Shop

Looking for something you haven't seen in my PLY Shop? In my Jesper Nielsen Shop you have the full assortiment of every collection, which include rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and of course the special JN Collection.

Extra goody: weekly new items added. Yes, fall in love again and again and again!

Just have a look, I'm certain you will find the perfect piece for you!