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Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.



I love bringing beautiful things to you and making your life just that little bit more enjoyable. That's my simple motivator. 

I enjoy making people happy! 

There are two Showrooms for you to enjoy, one for Jewelry and one for Skin Care. They are stocked with all the things I absolutely love! Beautiful made designs by the ex Co-Founder of Pandora, fine jewelry to bring out and highlight that little princess in you. On top of that there is the Skin Care line by Ele Atelier, to rejuvenate your skin and make sure you glow with a beautiful complexion.

I whish you have fun and hopefully you find something that makes you smile at the end of the day! 

I love to hear your feedback and stories, please head over to the contact section and leave me a little message. 


your Emina

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About "le moi"

Hi, I am Emina, mother of one and I love Skin Care and Jewelry. A little quirky fact about me is that every once in a while I have my "nutty french moments", where I go all "Le this and Le that". Best guess is that this is a leftover from Au-Pair days in Versailles back in the day, sort of a way of remembering these fun times.

My Favourites

Look at those beauties. These are my absolutely favourite pieces.

Some of them are very simple - as you know beauty lies in the simplicity. Others are more playful, perfect for the summertime to combine with a chick jeans and a happy T-shirt. 
But of course we need also a bit of a elegance, for every outfit the perfect match of jewelry.

My Showrooms

Now you have some insights on my passion behind all of this. Below you can jump to the individual showrooms and find the products I want to lay close to your heart. 

Treat yourself and your skin to some extra care and love! And if you feel like a personal chat could help guide you to the perfect thing for you, please feel most welcome and send me a little text. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and our unique JN collection! 

Fine jewelry at its finest!

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Skin Care

Rejuvenate your skin with these wonderful care products!


Personal Care

I am happy to provide personal care via mail, phone or chat, even a visit at my showroom is possible. 

Feel free to contact me. 

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