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Next time you think about beautiful things, don't forget to count yourself in.



Check out the newest additions, beautiful charms and bracelets in our JN Collection.

Welcome to PrettyLittleYou!

Hi, I am Emina! Welcome to PrettyLittleYou, or PLY in short. 

Pretty  stands for all the things you will find here; Little is for the little princess in all of us, the little girl that simply likes nice things and You, because it is all about you, treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it!

On my site you will find two Showrooms; Jewelry and Skin Care. 

It all started with jewelry, because they are so pretty and I loved them from the moment I set my eyes on these adorable little creations. And by the Ex-Co Founder of Pandora jewelry no less! How could I not simply love it?

The Showroom of Skin Care came a little later but is no less a little love child of mine. A healthy skin makes you feel good all over, makes you glow from the inside and just feel better, trust me! 

Discover my little treats and have fun!

Categories of Jewelry

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JN Collection

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Skin Care Products

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The 3 Musketeers


I am Emina

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Find the perfect jewelry for you!


Skin Care

Make your skin healthier!

My Blog

I want to show you what my shop, my jewelry and essentialy this blog is all about. Every piece of my jewelry has its own story. I want you to see it, to get to know every piece and to ultimately fall in love with every single one. Because I did, I do, over and over again.

My Inspiration

Most of us wear jewelry because, well, we like how it looks. Wearing jewelry can be a way to express oneself, to complete an outfit, and to make a statement. ... Either way, jewelry is one way to adorn your body and bring extra beauty to life.
So I want you to find your beauty and just to feel at your best.

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